Ten love related issues we have all lived/heard of

If you are already in love and living happily ever after I’m jealous (Ahmed is not!) and you can disregard this article or read it to know how lucky you are.
1. Playing stupid games of wait before you respond and play hard to get: I remember once a friend told me apparently there is an unspoken rule of wait for 20 mins before you respond to a guy’s text. I don’t get it and I don’t  apply it but that’s just me.
2. If you are marrying a Tunisian dude, you may be marrying his family too. Same goes if you are marrying a Tunisian girl. You need to know that family is very important  so make sure you talk about that and the families roles in the relationship.
3. Some Tunisian guys fear feminists: to hell with that! Embrace your personality and be fierce and honest.  There is a huge misconception about feminism in our Tunisian culture so we need to really make sure we are aware of that.
4. If you are an independent woman living solo in an apartment don’t feel down if most of the guys you talk to end up twisting the conversation and bring the famous line of “when can I come to your place for some one on one time”?. That’s a red flag ladies ! Unless I ask you or invite you over you aren’t supposed to invite yourself to my place.
5. So girls want to get married at any expense and so they end up settling for people they barely know. I have seen it happen to people I know very well and it break my heart to know that a 27 years old woman thinks that marrying a guy she hardly know as her only way out from the small town or the boring life at the parent ‘s house. This is sad but it is true!
6. Not all girls want to have sex before marriage. So that should not be “a make it or break it” part of the relationship. Both parties should really open up and be honest about what they are looking for and no matter what that is both of them should be grown ups and respect each other ‘s choices.
7. Spare the single friend of all the love birds related matters. Yes I wanna be happy for you and yes I would love to be part of your big day but some days I can barely hear a ten minutes conversation so please don’t make me listen to how awesome your guy/girl is or how caring or loving he/she is.
8.Marriage is a life long commitment: it really breaks my heart to know that the divorce rate in Tunisia is the highest it have ever been. Not that there is anything with divorce but once there are kids involved I really feel so sad. We as Tunisians aren’t there yet when it comes to understanding the essentials of the shared parenthood principles.
9. Sometimes we fall for the bad ones, wrong ones and unavailable ones. The important part is that the minute we know it, we should run away. Really just run away because if your gut tells you there is something fishy, I’m pretty sure there is something.
10. Open up for love. Do not despair and think that there is something wrong with you. The online dating apps may tell you otherwise but who cares. You are a smart man or woman and there will be hopefully some chances in the future for you to meet the ONE !

If you made it this far, we thank you for believing that what we wrote is not a complete BS! I tried to keep things simple but honest as well. I also need to say that I’m single (have been for over a year now so may be it is my advice that’s keeping me from finding my guy LOL ! )

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