Ten things to know about Tunisian public transportation

As most of you know (or at least the ones who did invest a little bit of time to read about us in our bios) I’m originally from Tataouine and Ahmed is from Kairouan.

My parents still in Tataouine which means I try to visit as much as I can. Most of the time I opt for either the louage( red and white shared cars) or bus first and then  a train. Over the spam of the past four years I have taken pretty much all of them and I want to share the ten most things you guys need to know about that experience.
1. You risk to look like a complete retarded trying to put the safety belt on. Most of the means of transportation  have pretty old ones that no one have ever used. However ,I recommend trying to put it one even if that required a little bit of force. Safety comes first!
2.Chances are zero to none to find a decent public bathroom so try to do what you have got to do prior to the trip and don’t drink liquids.
3. Food is another story. I’m not a picky eater but I would like to have the chance to pick something clean. Most of the drivers in Louage stop in shitty places and you seriously don’t want to try food in them. Still some people do and they seem to enjoy it.
4. Always take your earphones with you. Drivers tend to put rai music or Quran. One of those two extremes will be on for more than 7 hours.  You might just as well charge your phone or iPod for the ride.
5. There will always be that women/man who will say they  had an operation  recently so she /he can set on the front raw seats and not the back ones. I like to sit in the middle side so I recommend that.
6. Always carry small cash(petit cash) you will need it for the tickets per chase. I hate it when people never give you back small coins with your permission.
7. Always carry hand sanitizers with you. Say you got lucky and found a bathroom but not a super clean one I recommend you use that and voila you are all set :)!
9. Never ever take the means of transportation that are not inside the stations. Those can have crazy drivers and eventually you will end up somewhere far from where you wanted to go.
10. Never ever ever take a bus after or before any big religious holidays in Tunisia. If you really have to do that you need to book ahead of time and show up at least an hour before departure time. Also brace yourself for some pushing and angry people who want to get in no matter what.

I really hope that those ten points do not discourage you from taking public transportation because that’s definitely not the point of those ten points. In fact I wrote this article while I was on a train ride from Tataouine to Tunis.

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