Ten things that show you are friend zoned

Dear readers,

Being friend zoned happens to the best of us! It pretty much happens to me so often that I stopped thinking things will get better. May be I’m destined to be a cat lady! No shame in that.

So instead to having y’all worry about it I tried to help fix things for you all I decided to give you all ten signs to warn you all (mostly ladies) and make sure you run for your lives before it too late.

  1. He asks you to go out for dinner, you say yes but then he starts sharing things like that he is single and he probably won’t be meeting his soulmate anytime soon! No signs whatsoever that he is interested in dating you.
  2. Whenever you talk about dating, he looks at you and says don’t worry you will find a great guy! You are a smart and a beautiful lady (like what the heck is wrong with you? You are single and I’m single too! Make your move idiot )
  3. When he is bored he text you and invite you to do stuff! Mind you that the texting is usually limited to hey whatsup? Wanna do something fun?
  4. He never bothers to pick a place for you to eat. He says he is fine with whatever. If a guy is interested in you he better make some efforts and pick a good place of you date.
  5. After you guys hangout he doesn’t send you a cute text message to make sure you made it safe home or just text for the sake of texting you!
  6. He thinks so highly of you to the point that for him you are his best female friend he did ever have!
  7. He tells you all about his family, friends and dirty little secrets but after every story he would be saying: I probably shouldn’t have said that but who cares! You are my best friend forever!
  8. He shares with you stories about his weird adventures when trying to find the one on dating websites.
  9. Never ever convince yourself that you can be just friends: most of the time we have a crush and decide that there is a chance something happening so we end up disappointed of how things turn out.
  10. He wouldn’t mind complimenting another girl’s physical appearance in front of you like it is totally okay for him to do that! (No guys please don’t do that! Most girls if not all of them really hate that!)


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