Ten things every ordinary Tunisian does when traveling

Speaking from experience traveling is really essential and we encourage you to do that. We get it sometimes money is an issue or visas can be a pain too. But the good news is that we will be sharing travel hacks, cheap destinations and tips with y’all in future blogs. Stay tuned and let us now if we forgot any cool items.

1.We always complain about the 60 Tunisian Dinars stamp we have to buy when we travel abroad (Like what the heck is wrong with our country? We can barely afford traveling and end up doing it on super tight budgets)

  1. We take our Harrisa paste with us! You can’t survive without your Harrisa tubes or boxes. We tend to believe that we have the best Harissa ever made which means everything tastes better with it!
  2. We check in the Tunis Carthage airport and Instagram/Facebook a picture of our boarding passes. I’m guilty of doing this myself! But I read an online article about how stupid it is to do that and I decided I will never do it. I will still check in and make some pees jealous of my solo travel experiences.
  3. We call all the relatives, friends and friends of friends in the country we are visiting and make sure we ask them for tips and shopping places. I’m not a fan of shopping as I get super annoyed but I usually appreciate a good advice about good place to eat or not super touristy things to do.
  4. We like to cook something Tunisian for our host family or friends. Usually we end up making couscous or Tajine. We will share with you some of our easy recipes in future blogs.
  5. We can’t really figure things out on Google maps. The application doesn’t really work so well in Tunisia and the minute the instructions start giving directions in miles we start getting more and confused and end up thinking: to hell with this I would rather get lost!
  6. We download the money currency converter in our phones and feel the need to do a mental calculation in our brains(which always gets me more frustrated and I end up giving up and just pay the bill).
  7. Tax Free money return: A friend of mine told me that I can claim tax return money when I travel abroad. So I started collecting bills of goodies I buy and the day I decided to do it I ended up getting in a super long line and because I’m someone who hates waiting I just did it that time and that was it! Never again!
  8. Tunisians always buy their cigarettes from Tunisia. It is cheaper here. I don’t smoke but Ahmed does *wink wink* may be you should encourage my dude Ahmed to quit smoking. I’m sure his wife will love me for putting this here.
  9. Tunisians always double check if they have any issues with pending/unpaid bills or tickets.We would hate to have everything ready to travel and be told by customs that there are issues and you can’t travel.

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