10 tips for a successful marriage


Six years ago, my wife and I had one of the biggest challenges of our lives which was organizing our wedding on a limited budget of 10000 TND.

And here I I’m not only talking about the wedding night, but I am speaking about: The wedding night, purchasing the new house’s furniture, the jewelry, booking the venue and the band, creating the guests list and inviting them, getting the legal papers ready, and everything else you know..

I imagine that if you read the short list I just mentioned you would say to yourself: « Is this guy crazy? how did he manage to do all this on a limited budget? »

Well my answer will be very simple and I will try to explain it in the coming 10 steps to follow:

Step 1: If she is with you, then everything else does not matter !

Having your soul mate with you is the most important part of the whole process. In fact, if you are getting married, everybody in the family will have a say in every single detail related to the marriage. Your aunt, your mother, your father, her mother, her father and all the cousins you barely speak to will reach out to you and give you numerous advise on how things « should happen ».

Listen to me: Forget what they say, and if she agrees with you and is ready to challenge the status quo and imposing your choices (TOGETHER) you will manage ! She has to be your partner in CRIME.

Step 2: Plan, re-plan and plan again !

This is a very important part of the wedding. This sounds very simple, but it is not ! Go to every store you know. Speak to everyone of your friends who got married before to know what you need and have an overall estimation of the budget.

Then create a checklist of the things you need, and discuss your priorities.

For example, if you think you can survive without a microwave or a coffee machine on the first month of  married life, then these two items should not be on the list, at least for now.

Apologies for the coffee lovers (HIND).. This could wait !

Step 3: Stick to your budget, and do not go into debt !

If you only have 10000 TND or less/more then that is your budget, and please don’t think about having a loan from the bank or anybody else. You don’t want to start a new life that is supposed to be full of joy and romance with debt. And as the Tunisian proverb says: « Live according to your size ».

If you are willing to go over budget for the sake of pleasing your aunt, then that is not a good idea. Unless she pays for it, but that is also a bad idea as well.. Just drop it !

Step 4: Enjoy every moment..

You are starting a new journey and a major change in your life. You will no longer be single and you will be sharing everything with your new partner. Try to make every second a happy one, and again you should care less about what people say, this is your life, live it the way you want !

Step 5: Get help from Friends !

We all love a helping hand to join us in making the wedding a big success, so get some help to transport the furniture and decorate the house but also get tips from the ones who have experience !

Usually, they’d love to help !

Step 6: Memories are more important than things !

In the wedding allocated budget, you should allocate a part of it for your honeymoon ! Go places, have fun, and if that means no curtains for the « living room », then YES the priority is for the honeymoon and not the curtains. You’ll buy them later..

Step 7: Traditions are nice when they are free..

If you want to follow traditions and do every single thing that your grandmother says, then good luck !

You can even drop 90% of the traditions of marriage , and do the ones that cost you the least money possible..

Traditions are expensive, and following them is a headache.. People will hate you for not doing them, but your banker will hate you more for not being able to pay your debt on time.

Step 8: Avoid summer..

Do not get married in the summer season, everything is much more expensive and bands will double their prices during the season. Any other time is best !

Besides, it is really hot, hot like 50° so that ruins makeup for women and cakes for men.

Step 9: Be strong !

You will have a hard time doing all of the above, but be strong. You’ll thank me later !

Step 10: Look online…

An online platform will be launching soon to help couples plan their weddings and get married the cheapest and smartest way possible.

We will keep you posted.

We will be very glad to answer any of your questions and include more suggestions coming from you.

Having said all that, we wish you the best of luck !

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