Ten office rules to live by

Having mostly shared the office space with guys makes writing about office space rules pretty difficult, but I’m gonna try to keep things simple:
1. Never ever play music out loud without asking the permission of your colleagues. It is super rude to just put whatever music you want to listen to and make them listen to your music.
2. If you happen to be having fish or any sting smell type of food for lunch it would be more appropriate to heat your food and eat it outside the office space. Nothing is more disgusting than an office that smells like food!
3. Always start the morning with a smile. Ahmed and my colleagues tell me that I’m one of those people who are smiling all the time. The truth is I honestly only smile at people I like cause I know they will smile back. For the people I do not I like I smile to confuse them!
4. Be nice! Like really nice! You are spending more time at work than you are spending at home. It is essential to really give people a chance and give them the benefit of the doubt.
5. Don’t be that colleague who gossips or spreads gossip. If you can’t think of that one colleague , I’m sorry to say it might be you!
6. If you are a good cook or baker bring something home made. It is nice to make effort and surprise colleagues for no reason with a home made cake or any sort of baked goodies.
7. Remember to ask colleagues about their families. Your colleagues are married with kids? Cool ! You can ask about their kids (first day at school or their health,.. ) You can’t imagine how happy they will be just cause you asked! If they are single ask about life in general but make sure you don’t tease them as ask if they are still single (Not nice!)
8. Leave “Thank You” notes or any silly but encouraging notes. I remember the first day at work and the one thing I still remember very well was a nice gesture from a colleague I barely know who wrote “good luck” on a post-it note!
9. If there are guards, or gardeners at work you can be a nice human being and treat them to a warm cup of coffee or tea in the cold weather. It is a nice gesture and you will be definitely liked for it.
10. Have fun and be open to criticism. If there are any issues talk about them and fix them. Don’t hold grudges!

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