Ten reasons it sucks to be a Tunisian vegan with non vegan friends in Tunisia

My new year’s resolution was to read tons of books, travel and become vegan.
This idea has been on my mind for a while and it wasn’t until four days ago that I decided I’m ready and I’m doing this. I called my parents to tell them the news. My dad’s reaction was priceless as he literally said: “vegan is good! I was worried you are going to tell us another Star Wars related crazy idea of yours. Sorry dad and I love you! ”
Now back to the story of why it sucks to be vegan with non vegan Tunisian friends:
1. The minute you mention the word “Vegan ” everyone on the table will have a funny look on their faces. The first thing they will tell you “you are vegan and not even vegetarian ? “!  I bet none of them or very few of them know the difference.
2. Friends will start giving you suggestions about food you should eat even though; you made it clear you actually are happy with the food you are eating.
3. Friends/people will think you are living a fancy life(vegan products are so freaking expensive here!) but the truth is you are just cutting products that are bad for your health and eating natural products instead . I will be documenting my “Tunisian and Vegan” journey on Instagram so stay tuned for that!
4. People will feel bad when they invite you over! That is my least favorite thing in here. I really can eat salads and fruits and I will be happy with just that so you should not worry about me not eating meat.
5. All of the sudden everyone I know is an expert in nutrition ! I started getting all sorts of random questions starting from what supplements are you gonna use? Isn’t your diet lacking calcium, sodium or potassium…? I have been just nodding and smiling( I might have used the F word in my head few times)
6. This is a journey of me discovering my body and learning to love it a little bit more everyday. I really should not feel obliged to explain to anyone why this is the thing I want to do.
7. People will ask you if you are not eating meat/chicken for ethical reasons and depending on the answer Tunisians will either tell you “oh come on ! There are human beings in need for help( like it is a bad thing to save animals lives)” or “Oh come on! Is this one of the new western movies trends! (I mean I watch Netflix and tons of movies, but my life decisions are usually based on thinking and not just following trends)
8. You don’t eat eggs ? You don’t drink milk? Not even cheese? That’s so sad!! I remember telling a good friend of mine, who knows me very well and know how much I love cheese, that I know it is gonna be hard but I know I can do this! I’m not dying and my life can be cheesy as it already !
9. The worse thing you can do to anyone who chose to become vegan is to make them feel like they are missing out on something. If y’all go out to eat as friends, please don’t push it when your friend says he/she are having something healthy. Sometimes the worse thing you can do it push them to do something they do not like to do.

10. Embrace the difference and accept people for who they are. Don’t ask them to change for you and don’t change for them. We are all free to choose whatever we want to do in our lives !

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