Ten oldies but goodies in Tunisian music scene

My buddy Ahmed and I remember the first day he joined work and we said our good mornings, smiled at each other and started working. I remember thinking in my head about how are we gonna do this music DJ thing. I shared the office with a guy for more than two years and Ahmed was the newest addition to the team.

So I when it was time to put some music one I looked at him (used the puppy face) and said if I can put music. He instantly said YES!  I was like hallelujah dude you are cool!

Here are samples of the songs I put that day trying to show Ahmed that he just joined the best team ever!

    1. Sayada:(Also known as Ya Dada Dada) : In fact, that’s  a song we use in our office to tease Ahmed. The singer is called Ahmed Hamza just as Ahmed himself. It is a really neat song so give it a listen.
    1. Rawa7 Mel Soug Ammar: Amar is a commonly used name in Tunisia .This song celebrates Amar’s return from the market (silly but who cares. Chances are we all know, met, talked, loved, or hated a Amar in our lives)
    1. Kassem Kafi: an old dude who still has got some moves and definitely dances better than I do. Here is a link to a song and videos where you will check some of the moves!
    1. Ya Mazeri: oh how I love this song! It is a Tunisian version of Sufi supplication to a good man to help people who are in need. There are several versions so enjoy and let us know which was your favorite).
    1. Saber Rebaii: one of the most well-known singers from Tunisia. He is pretty famous in most of the Arab world. His cocktail of several Tunisian songs is by far the most authentic and cool of all the Tunisian songs we always like to listen to (Saber you are welcome for the free publicity dude!)
    1. Nassaya of Lotfi Bouchnak: In English the song translates as “Forgetful woman”, the guys sings to a girl he has been in love since he was young. It also describes he loves her passionately and she knows it.
    1. Zaama Ennar: the version sang by Amina Fakhet. It speaks about love as honestly it would take me months to explain the lyrics which would probably make no sense so just go ahead and listen to it as it is :)!
    1. Taht El Yasmina Fellil: The song translates as Under the Jasmine tree.
    1. Andi 7 snin/ya welda: those are two of Belgacem Bougena’s most famous songs. If you were not born in the south of Tunisia or lived there for a while you won’t really understand the lyrics easily even if you are Tunisian, but I assure you the music is awesome and those two songs have a sweet message of love (motherly kind) ,pain and challenges being two essential elements in life!
    1. Hadhra Music: I would call this the Tunisian version of the American country music. Im not a really a big fan but here are some links. You can check them and let us know what you think about the music!

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