Ten Tunisian myths we heard from our grand parents when growing up in Tunisia

It is safe to start by saying that my parents are not conventional Tunisian parents but they have definitely been raised by Tunisian born and raised parents. Here is a list of ten myths that I heard from them‎.
1. If you see a shoe flipped upside down that means someone is gonna visit. You better start cleaning the house. No matter how hard I tried to explain to grandma that it is not right and it makes no sense she would never listen.
2. Growing up in Tunisia, some kids are told by their grandma’s that there are monsters who eats small children if they misbehave or do not nap during summer. I didn’t hear this one but man some of my friends did hear this.
3. Don’t use your left hand when eating. The rumor says Satan eats with you. Go figure :p!
4.Don’t hit a black cat because if you do you end up having a bad day.
5. When entering the house try to use your right foot and not the left one. No matter how hard I try to explain that it just useless.
6. Don’t use the broom in the evening. The story behind that is that the bad spirits and their evil powers will push away your luck and you end up getting unlucky.
7. You can’t have a dog inside the house as that will not make the house clean and it will keep bring bad vibes and energies.
8.if you behave well enough I will show you where I hide the candy and sweet treats. For some reasons Tunisian grandma’s have a different locations where they keep the treats away from the kids. My grandmother used to keep hers in a box hidden in the kitchen.
9.If you eat with your left hand, Satan will be eating with you.

10. Satan loves it when your flip flops are upside down…

Anything you would like to add?

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