10 Things to do/Not to do in the Gym

One of my 2017 resolutions is to live a healthier life and that means making sure I’m only eating vegan food ,avoiding unnecessary drama and working out every single as of the week!
So after almost 3 weeks of daily workout I came up with the list of the following 10 things.
1. Do not leave the gym without wiping and cleaning the equipment you used. I see a lot of people who never do that and it is pretty annoying.
2. Try to avoid engaging in any discussion with people working out! I have been in situations where I was in the middle of the exercise and someone was trying to start taking about work! I wish I was brave enough to tell that person how rude that is. However, I just nodded and politely put my headphones on.
3. Do not make “ugh/aww” weird noises. That’s very annoying!
4. Do not put loud music on. If you don’t have headphones and you can’t workout without music ask people in the gym if they are okay with you putting loud music on.
5. Don’t wear make up when you are coming to the gym. I mean come on ladies if by the end of your workout you don’t look like a hot mess that means you weren’t really sweating enough!
6. Don’t be obsessed with asking people how many calories they burned or they are hoping to burn! People just want to workout and go on with their lives.
7. The gym isn’t the place for gossiping. I never understood the point of coming to workout but also engaging in long gossip discussions.
8. Don’t ask people about to the time. I recall being in the gym one time and there was this gym who kept on asking me what time is it more than five time in two hours. I was so annoyed and I literally told him please buy a freaking watch.
9. The gym is the place where people workout. It is not the place where guys show they Six-Pack Abs!
10. Be nice and take a towel and leave it in the gym with a not that says take me! You never know if someone is gonna forget to bring one and yours can make someone’s day! They will keep it so get a good one but not super expensive 😉!

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