10 Things you need to know about driving in Tunisia

If you happen to know me in person you would definitely have heard me speaking about how much I hate driving in Tunisia and Tunis the capital specifically. This hate(I know hate is a strong word but man I do mean it!)

Here are some of the reasons why driving in Tunis is a stressful thing.

1. Everyone is in a hurry but no one really is! If you happen to go to work,school or anywhere you want to go and you get trapped in the traffic you will have to be super patient. My advice would be set your alarm earlier and make sure you beat the traffic by avoiding rush hours at any expense.

2. People would hank at you no matter what! Don’t start freaking out if you get honked at for no reason. My least favorite one is when you are waiting for the light to turn green and the second it does the car right behind you will start honking! I mean come on Tunisian get it together !

3. Tunisians have an issue with blinkers. They simply never bother to put the blinker on when turning right or left. I remember having a guy friend in high school and we used to joke at his dad’s refusal to use blinkers. The dad used to tell my friend “why the hell do I have to tell people which way I’m turning? It is none of their business!”. That pretty much sums up how many Tunisians think about the usage of blinkers.

4. If you are a woman expect some jerks to try to take the priority and never wait for you if it was your turn. For some reason they will try to just go as if they own the road and you should wait for them. My solution is just do like me: buy a cheap car but in a good condition, make sure your insurance is valid, use the extra money to travel and kick so ass in your old looking but awesome car!

5. You will meet a lot of undecided drivers. You think they are turning right, surprise they are turning left! You have to always be ready for something unexpected!

6. Some drivers enjoy having super loud music in their cars! The worse case was when one of the drivers was putting “Candy Shop song ” in his car while his kids and wife were there listening. I know he might not know the lyrics but some of the things in that song are disgusting.

7. People will think you are some sort of weirdo for always making sure you and the person sitting in the front seat are putting the seat belts on. Ignore the haters and do what make you feel safe!

8. Flashing light are a sign in Tunisia. Apparently if a car flashes its light for no reason that means there is a radar and police officers hiding few miles ahead. This unspoken code is something that really annoys me because drivers will slow down approaching the radar place but speed the minute they are pass it.

9. Always carry your insurance phone number with you! You can call them and they can come pick you up and take your car to anywhere you want to in case your car breaks down.

10. Be patient and try as hard as you can to tolerate some of the insane things Tunisian drivers do because sometimes the best thing to do to some people is to kill them with kindness and Karma will do the rest!

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