Ten life lessons I learned from my boss

Sometimes we start a job with limited experience and knowledge in the field, but we are super curious and want to learn as much as we can. The coolest thing that can happen is to have a boss who empowers and believes in you!

I decided to write this blog to give a shout out to one of my most inspiring bosses namely namely Doris. Thank you for teaching me the following life lessons:
1. You can be a smart, independent woman but also have a family and raise happy kids. I recall my long discussion with Doris about how can someone be a mom and super busy boss and a wife. She said that women can do anything they want to. All it takes to be a successful working mother is organization, dedication and the knowledge of when to pick your battles.
2. Set your priorities clear. You can have everything but organization is the key.
3. Trust your colleagues and try to help them. I learned that being a team player is essential if you want to succeed. Most of the time working with Tunisian in a Tunisian setting can be super challenging ,but if you consider your colleagues as team members and not competitors you will all go far!
4. Have some time off. You need some time away from work and everything that keeps you busy. You need to learned when to ask for a break and enjoy it.
5. Plan ahead of your time: it has always been a super challenging thing to do for, but having working with non Tunisian bosses I learned to plan my vacation  ahead of time. That prior planning helped me accomplish a lot of things in my life including the possibility to travel to various areas for cheaper prices.
6. Know your worth as an employee : the day to day work can be super exhausting, but it is important to make sure you are learning something new. The day you will cease learning you probably need to leave and change jobs.
7. You are not irreplaceable: as much as I wanted to feel that way, there were some instances at work where I felt like I am not irreplaceable and that made a difference in how I viewed my commitment to work. It made me realize that work life balance is a must.
8. Love what you do, but always remember it is just a job: for the longest period of my life I thought that being workaholic was okay until that one day I had an honest discussion with Doris and she told me to try not to focus on wok only. I was 23 then and she actually had a point.
9. Know when to leave the job: in other words stop being one of those Tunisians who would do anything for a steady job. Take risks and enjoy doing the things you love and try not to worry about the future!
10. Always give 100%: the first day at work with Doris or D like I like to call her started at 7:30am and ended at 7pm with 20 minutes lunch break.
I thought I can work for such a person who works none stop, but that was just the first day. She actually told me later on that she was just testing me and my patience and I was super patient and since then we became best friends!

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