Ten insane Tunisian weddings habits

We all have been invited to weddings of friends or relatives in Tunisia and felt that we probably should not be part of this insanity. Here I would like to list ten habits that drive me crazy! Yet I have to say I wish my married friends and relatives all the happiness in the world.

1. Super loud music: wedding take place is closed spaces and most of them will have loud music blasting and the invitees can barely hear each other. The louder the music the better that is for some people here.
2. People spend a fortune to buy the most expensive multi layers cakes and most of the time the bride and groom would spent less than 5 minutes to cut it. They won’t also really enjoy eating it as everyone will be trying to get pictures with them.
3. The bride wears the most attractive dresses ever : there is a tendency to wear clothes that are super sparkling and huge in size. The brides like to wear things that are going to make people talk about the outfit but, that for me is insane. Most of the time those dresses would be super heavy! I wonder why can’t they just wear something cute and simple. Why does it have to be a fancy and bling bling style!
4. Make up is overrated : if I get a dollar for every time I go to a Tunisian wedding and ask myself what happens to the bride’s face I would be super freaking rich. The hairdressers in here think that being q bride means you have to put TONS of make up on which is wrong. I wish that overrated makeup tendencies would stop.
5. Bride and groom should sit in the center of the ballroom and smile to people. I mean it is their bid day and they get to be at the center of everything but, I wish some would just act normally and just chill and enjoy the dancing and great company without worry too much about what people are going to say.
6. Single girls think they will find the love of their lives at weddings : I recall poor mom’s reaction when I go with her to wedding. She would feel so embarrassed cause I can’t take the unnecessary comments from moms with single sons. I would be honest and tell them that I’m not interested and they should give up their wife hunting mission for their sons who are old enough to find a partner but themselves.
7. Selfies of everyone and everything : Tunisian want to take Selfies way too much and that gets worse in weddings because people will be posing to get the perfect pictures with the newlyweds. I mean I hate Selfies in general but it gets worse at weddings.
8. English songs at weddings: the latest crazy thing was putting an English song namely candy shop song of 50 cent at a wedding in my hometown Tataouine. I mean come on people!! The lyrics are bad and the song is the worse choice for a wedding.
9. Too much gossip : people go to weddings and spend days at the house of either the bride or groom but the discussions usually revolve around who got divorced, got married or is about to have babies.
10. Wedding gifts are always a mystery. Tunisians do not have the culture of wedding registry. The newly weds end up having three or four pieces of the same gift just because they can’t ask for specific gift. I think that is a waste of money and resources. I recall my best friend getting 4 iron boards from various people.
Bonus: If you know dance you can dance all you want but ask people like myself who do not know how to do that to dance is not cool. I wish people would stop at the first time I say I can’t dance. I wish they would simple let that go. ‎

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