Ten things to know about Eid in Tunisia

Dear readers,

As some of you might know, it is only 4 days left until the end of the Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan. We will go back to eat whatever whenever rituals in the first day of Eid. For those of you who do not know what Eid mean, I got you ! Eid is basically the day after 30 days of fasting. It is meant as a celebration to the end of that month where people celebrate it with food,sweets and gatherings.

Here is a list of 10 things yall need to know about Eid when in Tunisia.

  1. Avoid Carrefour or any other big malls or grocery store the last two days of Ramadan and more specifically the days and night before Eid. It is hectic and insane and it is packed with tons of people everywhere you go! Don’t do this to yourselves!
  2. Eid prayer will basically start super early so brace yourselves to the sight of many guys praying in mosques, outside of mosques and anywhere they can gather!
  3. Sweets and temptations in amazing desert will be in display everywhere.‎ Eid deserts are the best especially after the first sip of coffee on the morning of Eid.
  4. People tend to not make plans the morning of Eid mainly because that morning is reserved for hanging out with family are close relatives. In my case my entire family is in town visiting so I get to enjoy some homemade vegan food courtesy of mom!
  5. Small and young kids love Eid mainly because they can go crazy and play with balloons and eats lots of sugary treats! The Eid is also an occasion for kids to get money from their parents and grandparents.
  6. Expect to share food and get food on that day of Eid. People like to treat each other and offer each other homemade desserts.
  7. Don’t expect to find coffee shops or stores open. Most of the stores, if not all are closed. This is even worse in small areas.
  8. Fresh baked bread won’t be available for a day or two because people would like to take a couple of days off after Eid.
  9. Depending on where you are from or you are at, lunch on the day of Eid will be a feast. People cook so much and eat so much as well!
  10. Eid or more specifically the night of the 1st day is crazy everywhere you go in terms of people partying (with whatever that includes). Tunisian are weird in the sense that they will fast and act like good Muslims but, the EID night is usually distinguished by crazy and loud drivers. So be careful when driving and have fun! Also share the love and care for other people.

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