Ten Things Men Do That Confuse The S*** Out Of Us (Women)

I assure you dear readers this blog of mine is not out dating or finding the right one. In no way or matter I can be useful in this aspect to y’all! I’m just using this blog post to vent and express somethings we ladies in the world feel. This post is about ten things men (Tunisian or foreigners) do that confuse the shit out of us. I hope you can find some of the items here useful.

1. Why would single men wear rings? I have met at least a couple of dudes wearing rings and the minute I saw that I was not sure I wanted to be anywhere near them. I mean I can be friends with married dudes (in fact most of my best guy friends are married and have kids. Ahmed My blog partner is the best example.) We ladies think that married men should behave like it! So if you happen to wear a ring and you are not in a relationship you won’t get the girl! Even worse you might get the girl who is up to challenge.

2. The dude will smile and if we feel it we might smile back or simply ignore him. But it should not stop at the exchange of smiles. We ladies like guys who know what they want and they go after it. I heard several guys telling the ladies that men won’t probably go after the girl until it is too late. Or men won’t go after the girl so the girl should go for it! I don’t think it is a matter of who goes after the other. I like to believe that if there is attraction and both parties feel it they will both feel at ease starting the conversation.

3. Send mixed signals: guys will act like they like you, for instance they will tell you that you look beautiful and they like your smile and might even get you flowers sometimes. But then once the night is over they won’t ask for your number and we (ladies) end up thinking maybe we are just friends or maybe we misunderstood the whole thing.

4. Some guys take too long to decide what they want from the relationship. They might like the girl but they do not want a committed relationship per say they might be looking for something short term but they never communicate it to us so we end up trying so hard to guess.

5. They feel reluctant to share their true feelings. They are either afraid of seeming vulnerable or too concerned that people might think of them as less manly if they embrace their emotions.

6. The feel intimidated if the girl they are dating seems to dream big! I dated a guy (Tunisian born and raised) who was super smart and cute but he was afraid of how big my dreams are. That uncertainty towards my dreams was eventually the major reason why we ended it. I was uncomfortable being with a guy who was not confident enough to encourage me and believe in me as much as I believed in him.

7. They think being girly and overly feminine is the only way to be sexy! I mean not all of us are like that some of us prefer being bold and brave. We embrace our quirkiness and find beauty in make free face, messy hair and super comfortable cloths. We don’t all wake up thinking how can we charm today with revealing outfits or too much make up!

8. Some men think “mansplaining” is cute! NO, Hell NO it is not cute. If I get a dollar for every time a men felt the need to explain something to me (in my field of expertise without even thinking that I actually know about it more than he does) I would be so freaking rich and spending my time traveling to exotic locations and have fun!

9. Brag about how much they dislike reading and how they find that a complete waste of time. I mean some people do not like to read but many of us think that those who do are more likely to be more accomplished and successful than those who do not. Again, if you guys do not like reading , just say it that way, no need to make us (ladies who are vivid readers) feel like we are asking for the impossible!

10. Share too much shit on Facebook! I mean some girls might find your way Six Abs progress cute but most of us will not! Even worse, the shirtless summer pictures and the empty bottles of alcohol in the table aren’t gonna do you anything! Sometimes, some ladies would like some of those pictures. But most of us will think you are just players and have nothing to do with your life!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to offend anyone. I just felt the need to write it on the spot from the beautiful city of Frankfurt! Also any comments from men about the stupid shit we ladies make (including the terrible duck face which luckily seems to be fading away) are welcome.

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