Ten Tunisian Pet peeves that I deal with on a daily basis

Dear Readers,

If you are not very familiar with Pet Peeves I got your back. A pet peeve means something that a particular person finds especially annoying. Bellow is a list of the ten most typically Tunisian ones. Please feel free to share some of yours with me.

1. People Who Never Shut Up and Talk Over You Constantly: I can’t stand talking in the morning and it kills me to have to deal with some Tunisian people who want to talk constantly. I’m talking about the people in the elevator, the apartment guard, the bakery owner and the list is so long. I try so hard to smile as much as I can but sometimes it kills me inside to have to make some effort.

2. Poor\Terrible Customer Service: I mean come on people! Most of my experiences dealing with Tunisians at restaurants are really bad. Most of the time I try to be super nice and really give people the benefit of the doubt. I also like to think that may be the waiter is having a bad day and I try not to make it worse. But the number of eye rolls I get if I complain about something that isn’t right is scary. I wish that any new owner or any business that requires interaction with human being would train the waiters and teach them that customer service is essential. I have to day that having a” you don’t need to TIP the waiters culture” does not help. But I encourage you dear readers to be nice human beings and give them that extra one or two dinars as a start.

3. Animals are created to be outside: Tunisia is based on a culture that does not encourage people to have indoor pets. Most of my life I have endlessly heard that dogs are outdoor creatures. I have to say that I seriously disagree with that statement. I think it would make a huge difference in our lives if we start having pets indoor. Funny thing: While I was wrting this blog post a friend of mine like a post about a Tunisia guy sharing a website about adopting animals he created. I don’t know this guy but here is his website link: https://www.sadi9i.org/

4. People Who Don’t Cover Their Cough/Sneeze: I mean bless you and I hope you get soon from being sick but please please please cover your freaking cough/sneeze. I’m not a person with an extreme fear of germs or an obsession with cleanliness but that behavior needs to stop.

5. Tunisians Who Think Their Overly Annoying Children Are the Cutest Little Angels: First of all, people with kids, unless we kidless people ask you to hold your new born kids or children please don’t ask to do that. It is very annoying to have yourself stuck in one of those situations. Second, sometimes your sweet kids can be really annoying especially if they want us(their parent’s friends) to play with them. We embarrassed human beings would be like it is okay but honestly it is not okay especially if I’m talking to you (my friend whose kids are annoying sometimes) about something important but not so urgent.

6. Tunisian Who Would Shamelessly Cut the Line: I mean this very thing happened so many times to the point where I was like I hope there is a place in hell for people who do that with a shameless facial expression. I encourage you dear readers to call anyone who does that on their shit. It is not okay to have people cutting the line just because they think they can get away with it. I wont let that happen and I hope you will not let that happen to.

7. People Throwing Trash Out of the Window While Driving: I mean Tunisia is one of the very few countries which have a Environmental Police. Don’t ask me what they do but the fact that we need a police so that people can start active civil and care about environment says a lot!

8. When Tunisians (mostly men) Play Their Music with No Headphones In Public: Tunisians have a tendency to do this in public areas be it parks, streets or even inside the public buses. No one deserves to go through the pain of having to listen to some terrible music for hours just because someone thought he or she (it is mostly men who do that in the few times I witnessed it myself) can do it.

9. Leaving Supermarket Trolleys in a Parking Space in the Car Park Instead of Putting Them in their places: I have witnessed this myself so many times to the point where I get surprised to see the supermarket trolls all in order. I think Tunisians (again I’m not generalizing I’m just talking about some Tunisians I have encountered myself) are not the best at organizing things after they use them. They think of public property as something that doesn’t belong to them while in reality we are paying for those public properties.

10. People Putting On Their Turning Signal Right As They Are Making the Turn: what’s the point of doing this right the second you are turning. This simple act of not giving a shit about other drivers is enough to ruin someone’s day. It sure did ruin mine when I first started driving as I was so confused and made that some other drivers do not care about anyone but themselves.

Bottom line, my recommendation after writing this blog post is the following: Dear readers please be considerate human beings and try to be nice. Living in Tunisia can be tough as it is so no need to make it even worse! Thank you very much!

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