Ten types of Tunisian guys not to date

Dear readers,

Again I’m not the best person to give dating advice but for the love of me I have to let you all know about the major types of Tunisian dudes that you might encounter in your respective journeys to finding love!
So here we go with ten Tunisian men to watch out for!
1. Men who would ask you how much money you make the first time you go out: I remember when I was asked that the first time I was with friends in coffee shop and one of the single dudes approached me and halfway through the conversation he asked that question. For me that was a major red flag! You should not ask about financial stuff no matter what. That’s just wrong and very inappropriate.
2. The Tunisian dudes who knows every one: we all have met that one dude who knows every one and is friends with every one. I just feel like being with such a guy won’t be easy. You would have to constantly remind him that you aren’t one of his twitter followers. He needs to act normal around you but that’s not always possible or doable.
3. The dude who doesn’t like giving any details: a friend of mine told me one time about a guy she really likes and she thought she was in a relationship with until he started acting weird and not responding to phone calls or messages. My friend thought that something was wrong. But few days later it turns out he is okay and nothing serious was going on. That type of guys who aren’t there and don’t call back or explain the radio silence are not worth your time or energy !
4. The guy who shares a crazy number of selfies. I have a serious phobia from men or women who are obsessed with selfies. That is a scary sign that that person won’t probably care about anyone else but themselves.
5. The “Tunisian show off “: that one dude who cares way too much about how you should look like when you are around him. I had a friend who was dating one of those and man it killed me to see him treat him like she was an object.
6. The overly protective and excessively jealous type of Tunisian men: they are the worst! I haven’t date one myself but I have definitely seen some Tunisian men behave like who ever they were dating isn’t an independent person! Some went too far to the point where their girlfriend’s/wives pictures were removed from Facebook and replaced them with the dude’s pictures. I mean come on!!
7. Spoiled guys are terrible: dear ladies I want you to watch out from that type of guys. They are terrible and getting in a relationship with one of them is exhausting. How do you know you are dating a guy like that? That’s easy: watch how he behaves to get this done? Does he still live with his parents? Does he ask him mom to wash his clothes, do the dishes and pack his lunch and make his bed? If his economic situation doesn’t allow him to be independent that’s a different story. But most of the time you need to focus on the small things. The devil is in the details!
8. A Macho man is terrible! A Tunisian Macho man is even worse: don’t ever let a guy who is being controlling , dominating and insensitive be part of your life. The problems that will arise from such a relationship aren’t worth it.
9. Complete idiots: Tunisian men have the tendency to take their girlfriends for granted. Once they are engaged it gets even worse. The attention to details and romantic moves aren’t Tunisian men strengths prior to marriage but god knows how terrible their level of romance will be after getting married. I heard so many complains from different female friends to the point where I’m like okay I got it! I’m. It going to get married 😉!
10. Cheaters are the worse: ladies reading my blog and dating Tunisian men(or men in general) please be aware that you need to discuss the bases of this relationship. If you reach the point where you talk about cheating make sure you specify that cheating being emotional or physical is cheating. There is no way around it. I have seen some Tunisian men try to be smarty pants on that one. Be careful !
To conclude I have a huge respect to some Tunisian men for the being honestly and decent. I don’t hate men at all. I don’t hate Tunisian men at all though sometimes I wish I can understand how on earth do they think!

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