What would Tunisians do on valentine’s day?

Over the course of the past three days I have been asked by more than five people, some I know and some I don’t know that well, about my Valentine’s Day plans.  My response varied between, nothing, hanging out with friends, probably going to the movies or simply staying at home and watching Netflix. Deep down, I actually felt that DV is just one of the other normal days of the week. So I decided to let y’all know about some of the funny, stupid and not so Tunisian like some of the Tunisian people I know would do on such a day.

  1. People would wear red clothes on VD: Do not do that! I repeat please do not do that! I am not a fan of bright colors and every single VD I find pleasure just counting the number of people who wore red colored clothes. The number usually varies between, three to seven depending on where I go during that day.
  2. Women would book appointments at the hair dressers weeks ahead of time. I recall going to one hairdresser last year five days prior to VD and the answer I got way “sorry, we are fully booked”.
  3. People will freak out if they see you holding flowers. I remember pranking a good friend from work but coming to the office with a big red flower (which I caught from the work garden). Rumors started spreading like fire and I had to let this good friend of mine know that no one gave me that flower. I was just missing up with him.
  4. People would obsess over chocolate and the prices would be insanely expensive especially for the good kind of chocolate. I mean give me chocolate and I will be one hell of happy girls but because of the crazy prices I tend to avoid buying some on VD.
  5. “Lovers” in Valentine’s Day would exchange the sweetest and sometimes the cheesiest gift ever. I remember a friend of mine getting a CD that her boyfriend gave her and the first song was Million hearts song. I remember laughing at that poor dude because the lyrics are so unromantic that you can’t actually think the song is romantic at all!
  6. Couples will act in an overrated manner. I recommend y’all not to go to the movie theaters in Tunis. Chances are high you will bump into a couple who are all over each other and the last thing you know if is that you say “get a room” out loud and you might get in trouble.
  7. VD is not only for couple people! In Tunisia I have been in endless conversation with friends about the fact VD can be a day to show love to people; not necessarily someone you are romantically interested in. I like to get people working in the stores a box of chocolate and offer them a piece. That cashier girl’s face will brighten up and you might actually be the only person who did her something nice that day.
  8. Avoid bug malls and shopping centers at all costs. They will be packed and the waiting in lines (which are anything but lies) will not be fun at all.
  9. Tunisians would spend a fortune in alcoholic beverages on VD just because they think that showing off that you drink and afford some of the expensive drinks make you a cooler guy which is not the can for many of us.
  10. This is my all-time favorite quote about love “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” I hope it makes sense to some of you!

The last thing I want to tell you readers is to hang in there and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU AND ME!

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