Ten things we hope to accomplish through this blog

Dear sweet readers,

Ahmed and I started this blog hoping it will be our safe heaven. We want to share with all of you peeps, anywhere in the world you might be, bits and pieces from our lives in Tunisia.

Here are the ten essential elements we want you to keep in mind when reading our blog:
1. Tunisians are weird people. We used “weird” here in the sense that they like everything and anything. We are a nation where all opposites can be found in one person and there is nothing wrong with that.
2. We are really proud of who we are, our history and ancestors. But we believe it is high time for us to start thinking about the future and acting responsibly. Some things we do should not be done(more details shall be given in depth in future blogs…)
3. Having lived in the States and traveled abroad we believe it is important to have a local’s point of view of the true meaning of being a Tunisian. We want to promote the Tunisia we love and care about with people from all over the globe.
4. We want to make friends. We are busy people and have full time jobs of at least 40 hours a week but ,we really want to make Tunisian and none Tunisian friends. So if you want to hangout with us and get to know a little bit more we would love to do that.
5. Who wouldn’t like an easy blog of lists of ten items that expose some of the most fun and  crazy things in Tunisia. We want our blog to the one online piece you read that puts a smile on your faces and also makes you think of something interesting or something nice you can do to make life a little bit easier for someone.
6. We want to know more of who Ahmed and I really are. We want to know if we can keep this going and keep our jobs too(we have bills to pay, families to support and places to discover)
7. We want to write, design fun layouts and be creative. I love to write about things I like or dislike and I thought it would be nice to combine that with Ahmed ‘s passion for designing to give you a pretty neat final product that we will be improving based on your comments and feedback. I dislike punctuation so please be patient as I’m trying to improve that!
8. We are looking for our passion in a life. We both feel a little bit trapped in here . So this may be our way of putting our hearts in words and pictures that we hope you will like.
9. We want to get to know you and have you become part of a youth network of talented people who love what they do and believe that youth can be a driving force towards change.
10. We know that Item number ten in the 10 things to know blog should be a good one! . We want you to tell us what you think we should talk about and what we should deal with or shed light on. We will be happy to address some issues or give ideas about how to fix some problems in this country we all love.

We want you to be passionate about something and we hope our writings and blog will be the start of your own journeys !

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