Beja, 10 things to explore!

I have been in the mood for outdoor activities lately and I was lucky enough to get friends who are willing to join me in the adventures. Our latest trip was a one day trip to Beja. The city of Beja is 2 hours away from Tunis which makes it a good one day road trip destination. Below is my favorite list of the ten things you can do in Beja:

  1. Eat Ftet dish: Beja is known for a meat dish called Ftet. It is a big piece of lamb meat wrapped in small pieces of yummy bread that tastes like cornbread. That dish can be super heavy so plan on not eating so much before you go there. The best dish can be found in Hotel Phoenix which I highly recommend. The fun part is that vegetarian and Vegan peeps can find several options.
  2. Plan on having a hike in the beautiful scenery of Beja! There are several mountains and uphill where you can park on the sided of the road and do that. The safest option would be near the Oued Zarga area.
  3. Visit the Common Wealth Cemetery in Oued Zarga: I know I know! You would think who is crazy to think that visiting a cemetery would be interesting but I promise you, the view is worth it and it can be a good hike in the nature! I have been there several times and I got to read some of the quotes written on the tombs and some of them were very moving. That being said, I do not like wars and I am against all of them.
  4. Go on a walk in the local market: There will be excellent options for cheap fresh veggies and fruits. Beja people are super nice to people who are not from the area so occasionally you will catch someone looking at you in a funny way but that’s alright. No one would harm you. You are safe there!
  5. Eat cheese, buy cheese and take cheese home with you: Beja is known for the excellent quality of cheese that you can buy anywhere. You can ask to try some for free and if you like it, just buy it. You won’t find tastier cheese anywhere in Tunis.
  6. Eat some of the Beja sweet treats: There are tons of options for some of the sweetest doughnut looking like sweet treats. Again you can try some and buy from the shop you like the most.
  7. Check the Christian church in downtown: It is not the best location but you can always pass by it and snap few pictures.
  8. Visit Oued Zarga: That’s a big and awesome lake in the middle of the beautiful sceneries.
  9. Buy some candies from Beja: when we used to be kids, I remember thinking that the beautiful looking candy that comes in the shape of various animals but mostly swans. It tastes delicious!
  10. Have coffee downtown and help smashing patriarchy: One thing I noticed in Beja is the fact that most of the coffee shops were super crowded with men only. You see women passing by and doing tons of daily chorus ; but during my last visits it was mostly men who were sitting and drinking coffee.

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