Ten Tunisian Road Trip Snacks

Dear readers, Part of being a Tunisian living in the farther point in the south means every time I need to go to the capital I end up taking a long road trip! This blog post will highlight ten Tunisian snacks that we grew up eating and still eat now!

1. It is not a road trip without the fried junk food! That includes “Fricasee” (fried salty doughnuts stuffed with eggs,pickled olives,Tuna,fries,..)

2. Tunisians love sparkling drinks! Super unhealthy I know but they are essential to keep the sugar level in blood high!

3. As kids we used to love Gaucho treats! That’s probably the cheapest chocolate covered waffles! It is terrible for the health but as kids we loved it!

4. Coffee! Tunisians are not big on coffee mugs and people here are very influenced by French so coffee is usually consumed in small plastic cups! Which means we have to make several coffee breaks on the way!

5. You did not experience a Typical Tunisian road trip if you did not stop on the way to get some fresh fruits from street vendors. That stops usually serves to buy peaches,grapes,water melon,.. depending on the season:)! I still do this every once in a while.

6. A starter pack for a Tunisian road trip includes some really loud music! In my case that usually is a mix of Moroccan, Iraqi,English and sometimes French oldies.

7. Tunisians road trips also require fighting about how to get to that place especially if it is the first time visiting it! Google maps isn’t really trustworthy here!

8. Road trips here also require several mandatory bathroom breaks and that includes complaints about how terrible public bathrooms are which is correct!

9. A must buy item in the road trip include super unhealthy snacks mostly potato chips! Tunisian has a decent variety of Tunisian and non Tunisian chips!

10. The last item on the list is a mandatory ice cream break! We love ice cream here and it doesn’t matter if it is cold or hot ice cream is a must!

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